How to get the folders size in windows

   Sometimes when we have some space problems, we need to know what information ewe must delete. The first step is get the folders with more space in the disk.
   There is not a fast way to know that, worst-case scenario you have to go through all folders one by one and right click to see the size used on disk.
   Researching on internet I found some PowerShell scripts to get folders details like name and size, but taking information from different sources I have created a script and even when I don’t get any error it takes more than an hour to finish, this is not a good idea for desperate people like me…. ¯\_()_/¯
This is the script… Not sure if it works because after an hour running  without any error, it never finishes.
But as part of the research I found a very interesting site with a bunch of Microsoft tools, one of them is “Disk Usage”  a very fast and reliable tool
After download and unzip the tool, this is the result:
You can copy and paste the information in a spreadsheet and you will be able to see the information as follow:
Adding a column to convert the Size on Disc to MB


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