Is cybersecurity affordable for everyone?

Cybersecurity is essential for everyone, not just big corporations. While it is true that large organizations may have more resources and a greater need to protect their sensitive data, individuals also have important information that they need to protect. This can include personal or financial information, passwords, and other sensitive data that could be compromised if not properly secured.

Everyone must take responsibility for protecting themselves online, whether a large corporation or an individual. Some best practices are using strong passwords, Multifactor authentication (MFA), avoiding reusing the password on different platforms, being cautious when clicking on links or downloading files, and keeping software and devices up to date with the latest security patches.

We must protect the information and data because it has value, whether financial or social. In most cases, being proactive and protecting those assets is cheaper than the repercussions that we can have when that information is stolen.

What about the cost? The price to protect the organizations’ assets has grown exponentially in the last 25 years. Now it’s much more expensive to protect all the company’s information because the attacks are more sophisticated.

The bad actors are using more advanced tools, techniques, and technology. As a result, organizations need to acquire more security devices, applications, and solutions to be protected. In addition to all of this, there should be a commitment to educate and train all employees and end users.

Organizations, to maintain safe their information, need to get some of the below solutions:

Mail security
Intrusion detection system
Centralized logging
Security incident and event monitoring (SIEM).
Thread intelligence feed
Managed security service provider contract
Penetration tester
Machine Learning AI

With all of these resources, you need to increase the prices for your product or service to continue profitably. And the consumer will be paying for all them.

Even though those applications and solutions are the latest on the market, They are not something like set-and-forget kind of solution.

But wait a minute! For medium and large corporations. They have an assigned budget for all of these solutions., Nonetheless, where are all the others? A small. Business. Such as public schools. Nonprofits. Human service organizations. Smaller cities. And county governments. Community associations. Many of all these. Organizations they can’t afford. An infosec solution.

The challenge is how we can guarantee access to cybersecurity and make it available for everyone.

Thanks for reading.


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