Microsoft 365 network connectivity

Microsoft has released a new console to visualize the network performance between your corporate network and M365, this new feature will help the administrators to identify performance issues proactively.

This console has been released this month, and you can find it in the Health tab – Network connectivity.

The first time you have to join the network connectivity preview.

As part of the set up, you have to add a new location in your service, as the message indicated: “We need more data to generate network connectivity insights

To get started, turn on your location opt-in setting to automatically collect data from devices using Windows Location Services, go to your Locations list to add or upload location data, or have someone run the Microsoft 365 network connectivity test from your office locations.”

Click on the Locations tab, then click on Add Location.

Click on yes to allow Bing maps to get your location.

Input your network details in the new location, then click on save.

A confirmation will appear the location has been added.

Once you have the location(s) configurated, go to the right upper corner and select Network Connectivity Test.

The Microsoft 365 network connectivity test console will appear, read all the terms and click on run test.

As you can see below, there is information vital for review. Also you can run a .exe file to run the report on your own. 

Now you have one more tool to identify performance or network issues; this information will also provide metrics to the network team to adjust in the QoS or any other parameters in the networks.

I hope this information helps. Thanks for reading.


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