Databases type in Skype for business

I’m writing a script for fail over a complete pool or only some databases and I notice that we only can fail over by Database type, hence I made a research to figure out which database belong to every type, this is part of the script and you can see the types in red color.

#function to fail-over all the pool
function Get-PoolFOtoMIRROR
    Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn ‘PoolFQDN’ -NewPrincipal Mirror -ExcludeDatabaseList “mgc”

#function to fail-over only a specific DB
function Get-DataBaseFOtoMIRROR
Write-Host “Please select the Database to fail-over…” -ForegroundColor Green
write-host “————————————–” -ForegroundColor Green

Write-Host “1. Application: rgsconfig, rgsdyn, cpsdyn.” -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host “2. Archiving: lcslog.” -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host “3. CentralMgmt: xds, lis” -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host “4. Monitoring: lcscdr, qoemetrics” -ForegroundColor Green
Write-Host “5. User: rtcab, rtcxds, rtcshared” -ForegroundColor Green

write-host “————————————–” -ForegroundColor Green
$DBtoFO = Read-Host “DB number: “

    1 {Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType Application}
    2 {Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType Archiving}
    3 {Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType  CentralMgmt}
    4 {Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType  Monitoring}
    5 {Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType  User}
    default{write-host “option invalid…..” -ForegroundColor Green}




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