How to search notes deleted in Exchange 2016


If the notes disappear from your outlook and you can’t find them, execute the follow command in Exchange Power Shell:
PS C:\> Search-Mailbox agonzalez -SearchQuery kind:Notes -TargetMailbox “Support” -TargetFolder “Recover” -LogLevel full -LogOnly
The switch –logonly means you are not going to copy the information, only you want to know if the notes are in the mailbox. You will have a result something like this:
ResultItemsCount : 134
Then you can remove the –logonly switch and copy the information to the target folder:
PS C:\> Search-Mailbox agonzalez -SearchQuery kind:Notes -TargetMailbox “Support” -TargetFolder “Recover” -LogLevel full 
In this case I used the support mailbox creating a new folder called Recover where I will copy the information from agonzalez.