How to see privates emails in outlook

   Recently I had a problem where an user was not able to see the emails sent with sensitivity “Private”, the user was able to see these emails in outlook on the web, but in outlook app he only sees how the unread items was increasing, but he didn’t realize why..
Just to validate, the first step is verify if the user has permissions in the shared, folder.
For this, we can go to Admin Exchange Recipients Shared.
In this case, we have a shared mailbox called Marketing. To validate the permissions, go to full access and check if the user appears.

The user test user2 has full access permissions, then so far so good.
In order to solve the issue, go to outlook app in the user computer (No Outlook on the web)
Go to search in the user computer
You need to configure outlook with the shared mailbox settings, in this case Marketing.
NOTE: Could be easier if you reset the windows password, create a windows profile and open outlook, in automatic will be created its outlook profile.
Once the outlook profile has been configured for the shared mailbox.
Go to File menu – Account SettingsDelegates
Add the user who reports the issue, but the most important is check the option on “Delegates can see my privates items”
Close outlook and ask the users restart outlook and they will be able to see the emails.


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