Outlook rules are not working

Few days ago I was working in a case where the user was migrated and after move the mailbox the rules configured in his outlook stop working.

I’ve tried several things like:

Back up the rules, delete and create again.
Create a new .ost file.
Create another outlook profile.
Create the rules in outlook web app.
Start outlook with different switches like: outlook /cleanrules, /safe, /cleanprofile, etc. 
• I’ve checked if the mailbox had been listed as the “JournalingReportNdrTo” in a transport rule. Is a new security feature in Exchange. If you find the email address with this configuration
then stop reading because this is the problem. Assign another mailbox for journaling reports.

Even worse the rules were not running manually.
   After check the account configuration, I realized that it has two different x500 accounts.
In ECP go to recipients mailboxes search the affected user, select and double click to see the properties.
  Once in the properties window, Go to email address tab and you will see the SMTP address, SIP address (if it has a sip address configured), maybe a x400 account but the most important check how many x500 accounts appear in the list.

    After verify that I have two x500 email addresses in the list, I opened both and I noticed one of them has a different Active directory (AD) forest and with a different organizational unit (OU). 

   Once I validated both accounts, I removed the email address with a different AD information. I saved the changes and Voila!

First, check in outlook that you do not have any rule configured. If so, delete it (you can back up the rules, just in case…)

Close outlook.

Create the rule using outlook web app. To do this, open outlook web app – in the upper-right corner click on SettingsManage integrations.

In the left side, on Mail options go to Inbox and sweep rules

Here you can create the new rule. Once you finish the same rule will appears in MS outlook.

And your rules will be working properly!!!!


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